Fire Reporting Software

Secure, accessible and user friendly, Fire Rescue Reports allow you to track calls, monitor apparatus maintenance, manage member information and training records, plus so much more.

The goal is to create a website for volunteer stations that is not expensive and that is easy to use. We hope that you find the software fulfills those ideas.

Contact us (or if you have questions or want to know more about it.

Powerful Reporting

Fire Rescue Reports reduces paperwork and automatically collates riding statistics with the click of a button. Station or apparatus maintenance requirements can be reported and automatically submitted to the necessary personal.

Mobile Device Friendly

Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection; calls (complete with map and call details) can be displayed on a cell phone, an in-station screen or apparatus mobile device, increasing flexibility and communication within your station.

Available Everywhere

Simple, fast software available everywhere as it is web based.

Your website is available everywhere, all the time as it is web based.

Your Pages

Your website is designed to be a set of configurable pages. Each page is made up of a set of windows into your information. All of this is completely configurable by your site administrators.

Large Screen for Calls

A screen mounted in the station will display the home page of the internal website.

When your station receives a call, the screen will automatically display the call information and a map indicating call location until that call is cleared at which time the screen will revert to the home page.

Website and Data are Secure

  • All users at your station will have a unique login.
  • Automatic session logout after pre-defined idle.
  • Website access is encrypted (https).
  • Computers are stored in secure server rooms (all at Amazon AWS).
  • All computers, databases and data storage are behind a VPN (virtual private network).
  • All backups are encrypted with AES encryption.

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This web software will help streamline your operations, consolidate all your documentation, so you can focus on serving your community.

Contact us if you want a live demo (over Google Hangouts or Skype).